Sheeana Brugh (worm_dancer) wrote,
Sheeana Brugh

Idaho's hands went to his console, fingers splayed in the comfield to grasp
required elements of the circuit control. No time for niceties. Gross
disruption. He was into the core within a second. From there, it was a simple
matter to dump entire segments. Navigation went first. He saw the net begin to
thin, the look of surprise on the man's face. Nullfields were next. Idaho felt
the ship lurching in foldspace. The net tipped, becoming elongated with the two
watchers foreshortened and thinned. Idaho wiped out star-memory circuits,
taking his own data with them.

Net and watchers vanished.

How did I know they would be there?

He had no answer except a certainty rooted in the repeated visions.

Sheeana did not look up when he found her at the temporary flight-control board
in the guard quarters. She was bent over the board, staring at it in
consternation. The projection above her showed they had emerged from foldspace.
Idaho recognized none of the visible star patterns but he had expected that.

Sheeana swiveled and looked at Garimi standing over her. "We've lost all data

Idaho tapped his temple with a forefinger. "No we haven't."

"But it'll take years to recover even the essentials!" Sheeana protested. "What

"We're an unidentifiable ship in an unidentifiable universe," Idaho said.
"Isn't that what we wanted?"
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